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What is EZFIX?

EZFIX is a unique, patent-pending, easy to use scratch/scuff repair solution designed for use on vehicles. It is a combination of a high-tech microfilm and professional car paints.

Made in the EU, EZFIX complies with all health, safety and environmental legislation. It is non-hazardous and complies with both the EU REACH regulations and end of life vehicle directive. It can be delivered by normal parcel or mail services.

Approved by car makers, EZFIX is extremely thin, survives all day to day vehicle use and the colour never fades.

EZFIX is kiss-cut at a specific angle into pre-cut shapes. This unique process ensures easy DIY application and means the applied result is practically invisible to the naked eye.

And thanks to the microfilm technology, each EZFIX patch is only around the thickness of a human hair, whilst still giving a layer of protection to prevent corrosion.

EZFIX for wheels has been designed specifically to fit the shape and circumference of your wheel rim and can be used to cover large parts of the rim or just small parts of it.

EZFIX for wheels is available in all common wheel colours. Our colour selection is based on our extensive research of the European wheel market by car brand which makes choosing the right colour extremely easy.

EZFIX for wheels is available through our web shop. One A7 pack contains 6 wheel rim patches and can be used on most wheel sizes.

EZFIX for wheels is ideal if you are selling your car because it dramatically improves the appearance of the wheels and can increase the re-sale value by hundreds of Euros.

We are in the process of launching EZFIX for car bodies, (motor)bikes, boats and scooters. Contact us here for more information. And if you are interested in re-selling or distributing EZFIX for wheels please email us.